Saffron Skies


Vineyard Race August 2014

Saffron Skies

Crusted and dream drunk

rise the eyes to ride

none other than those saffron skies.

Aubergine silks pool at the edge of the world

to serve the drowsy tomorrowers,

blanketing a distant land

in what inevitably will be

one more yin and yang night.

Her angels wake wet and wild

on the cold cobblestones,

facing a reality just dreamt away.

She sits still and vigilant,

with eyes of flame and a brow only one man could ever see.

Saffron skies warn of storm

to land lock the salty miners.

Once more the auberjine veil lifts

to reveal a dirty truth.

So we pray to Allah,

it ‘tis but a dream.

Morocco 2014


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